Monday, September 17, 2007

Britney Spears has been banned from the Chateau Marmont hotel in LA after it was decided that her behavior is generally unacceptable at the moment. She’s also meant to go to court any second and her lawyer Laura Wasser just quit on her,and of course, there was that absurd rumour floating around that she was going to apologise for her performance at the VMAs by going on camera at the Emmys and saying she was sorry which thankfully never happened.

But wait? What does all this mean? That she’s a freaking insane fuck up who can’t quite get it together but who still – inexplicably sells albums and gets invited out places? Well, yes – those are reasonable and also enjoyable explanations. But Amy Winehouse spends her time racing between getting awards and getting paid, going on tour, slashing her wrists, drinking and doing drugs with hookers while being beaten by her husband. It seems to work with her.
Britney, however, is a brand built on clean, repressed Catholic-esque Republican pederast sexual fantasies mixed with squeaky clean chemically unavoidably cute and likeable music.

When she falls out of a car with a cigarette butt in her hair and no underwear on coupled with a grin that is highlighted with cheetos powder while her kids are driving the car drunk it somewhat dilutes the power of her public persona.

So, what’s happening?

She’s become valuable in the sense that what she’s now revered for is being a derailed freak people can gawk at. There’s no way coverage of any other pop star’s performance at the VMAs would have included close up shots that showed a missing fake nail like the coverage provided in Entertainment Weekly did. Now, people are just feeling justified in kicking her fattened gut while she’s down because that’s what gets the most press and is most validating for them. Britney is no longer capable of an image built on covertly sexualized innocence; she’s a white trash ho with two kids. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: She needs to go and spend a year or so quietly living in the South of France where she can collect herself and staple her personality back together. That and she probably needs medication.

Before that she’ll probably need a complete breakdown to occur though. Losing the custody battle should be providing that any second now. Any…second now. [source] [source]

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