Tuesday, September 18, 2007

- There are all these blogs commenting on the story the New York Post has run about how Rosie O’Donnell said no to an appearance on Oprah and how “nobody says no to Oprah!” because, you know, she owns everything and is all powerful and all seeing. The thing is, though, in the last two weeks alone, two high impact people have said no to Oprah and they seem to be getting away with it. There’s this one obviously – although, who the hell knows why Rosie said no to an appearance that would have guaranteed mammoth sales. And also, last week, it was reported that Stedman was saying no to their relationship and that he was being given 250,000,000 dollars to not talk about it. There are TWO examples of no and Oprah. For example, if a publisher came to him to write a tell-all then he would need to say “no”. so, that would be “NO TO OPRAH related talk”.
Plus, Hermes said no to her a while back while she was in Paris when she turned up after business hours and wanted to shop. Also, presumably, over the years as her weight has fluctuated quite a lot various pairs of pants have no doubt said no to her as they have refused to stretch around her girth.
Ok, that was just a stupid fat reference. People are saying no to Oprah. Now, we just have to wait and see how they do without her. [source]

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