Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ann Coulter has stated in Esquire Magazine that she wants a fatwa put out on her and look, I completely understand. She was quoted as saying:

"I WANT a fatwa. I used to see Salman Rushdie in the Sky Bar in L.A. He wasn't in hiding; he became world-renowned for his fatwa. So why can't I get a fatwa? Don't they read my stuff?"

The difference here, of course, is that they probably do read her stuff and as a result don’t think she’s dangerous. She gives the game away before it’s even begun. Actually, what would be fascinating right now would be if Spencer Pratt, Ann Coulter and Chris Crocker were trapped in a small house together in the Midwest and they had to survive for 40 days. Who would eat who? Equally as importantly: who would wash up?

Ultimately though and just to get back on track: I never thought I’d say this but Coulter is absolutely right. Any thinking entrepreneur wants a fatwa or to be excommunicated or denounced by the Catholic Church. It’s just like writing a book and having it put on a statewide high school syllabus. Religious disapproval is the kind of endorsement that pays and pays. [source]

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Sabina England, Playwright said...

hahaha! i hope her dream comes true. I can't stand the fascist bitch!