Friday, September 14, 2007

Actually, Chris Crocker isn’t so bad. He’s good on screen and he has presence and a sense of irony. The thing about him is that he’s actually no different to so many people everywhere. He’s skinny, effeminate, identifies with constructed pop icons like Britney Spears and he’s isolated in a small town.

Additionally, it seems like he’s been sitting there in his own small, self involved, isolated world with his conveniently Pentecostal grandparents (yes, it’s almost a little TOO conveniently reality TV – at least the way Crocker tells it) and after making video after video of what are essentially stream of conscious discussions with himself and sessions of making faces in the mirror – he finally managed to tap into something quite confrontingly raw and self indulgent and therefore the main appeal he has right now is that people like to laugh at the trainwreck horror of it.

He’s picked it up and run with it rather well though. Expertly well. Pretty clever of him to bait Sarah Silverman as well. The kid's playing it like a genius.

Plus, he was aggressively flirtatious with Jimmy Kimmel which means he now wins an award for being out on TV in the mainstream and he will win a GLAAD media award and will be the grand marshall via webcam for 6-10 gay pride parades come June. They’ve been longing for some fresh meat and Crocker is potentially it. He just needs to be sort of present for another 2-3 weeks anything less and he'd be a freak show one-hit wonder.

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