Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Even though it’s been several days, marketable Disneyland purity is still flying out the window for Vanessa Hudgens. TMZ reports that Joe Francis has offered her 500,000 dollars to do a Girls Gone Wild video and join the “Girls Gone Wild Brand and Lifestyle”. Never mind the fact that she’d never work again if she did that but let’s also just think about that…what the hell is the Girls Gone Wild “lifestyle”?

The shy and unassuming kid shows up to the GGW Penthouse/Office wearing a relentless and stupid Disney smile, walking like a ballerina with that duck feet pointing out thing they do. She’s relieved of her rehearsal outfit and given a cut off pair of jeans (as in, cut off near the waistband) to put on and for a bra she’s given another pair of cut off jeans cut off near the waistband. She drinks from a trough of frozen red and blue coloured margarita and eats a diet of chicken wings and quesadillas from a bucket. Then they starve the girls for a few days to keep them thin. It’s a cycle of staying thin and staying vulnerable and open.
Every now and then the girls get hosed down but they have to wear white t shirts for that. Girls don’t get out because they are all chained to the wall. In fact, Joe Francis sleeps on a carpet of freshly drunk college girls and his blanket is actually several tangled up drunk college girls. Joe Francis is a complex man. Sounds like a riot and definitely worth the 500K. [source]

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