Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Celebrity excuses seem to be flying everywhere today. No one is buying them when you get down to it but they’re flying and it’s good to see some of them wriggle around and squirm.
First up, there’s the unavoidable colossal waste clean-up that’s now in full swing after Britney’s oil spill of a performance at the VMAs. The rumours are that she was drunk, that she hadn’t rehearsed enough cause she was late and drunk (come on, that’s not fair, she really just had to prepare herself psychologically for the work. Drinking 8 margaritas and guzzling a bucket of shitty chicken wings bones and all probably and then lying down for an hour in a coma while expelling gas from every orifice is a good way to really zero in on how to deliver a flawless performance), that she’s too fat probably because she has been relentlessly more or less drunk for the past 12 months, and that she was put off by Sarah Silverman’s observation that

"Wow! She is amazing. She is 25 years old and she's already accomplished everything she's going to accomplish in her life. It's mind blowing.”

Even though she couldn’t have heard the jokes prior because no one had.

The rumours and excuses are actually damage control because anything that takes us away from the notion that Britney is inherently flawed and therefore not worth as much is better than her losing more and more full on market value. If this flop scenario was just a one-off failure then damage is quarantined.

But no one is buying any story anyone comes up with. The New York Post points out:

Britney Spears has no one to blame but herself for her disastrous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night.

The Post goes on to say that

MTV execs weren't the only ones worried about Spears' impending debacle. Another spy said, "The dancers were texting pals, asking them to pray for them. They were worried."

I hands down refuse to believe that MTV were actually worried about her performance. Either way, they got press. Hell, from the cultural climate of that awards ceremony, it looks like they were basically unworried about pretty much every single thing that happened the entire time.

Rush and Molloy at the Daily News write:

Britney Spears managed a smile after her abysmal performance at MTV's Video Music Awards. Too bad that smile wasn't on her face.

Ha! If that isn’t a top quality eating disorder inducing line then I don’t know what it. But seriously, it’s refreshing to hear journalists write what they really feel. Meanwhile, one totally isolated gay kid in the middle of nowhere thinks Britney got a bum wrap and has rationally and calmly published a video of his thoughts online.

So, basically – when you weigh all the coverage she got for the VMAs up – everything really just balances out for Brit. She's got her haters, she got her supporter. Now it’s just full, focused, clear headed steam ahead for Brit until her album drops in November. Can’t wait. [source] [source]

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