Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Most of the writing I’ve done about Fashion Week has been and will be posted on DNA Magazine’s blog because that’s who I’m covering the week for but yesterday I was at the Heatherette Show and managed to get a whole heap of quality shots (I use the word “quality” with immense flexibility).

Surprisingly, DNA didn’t actually use a lot of my shots even though they were in focus and they were of boys in tank tops (which was the brief). So, here they are. I’m starting off with my personal favourite of the entire of Fashion Week. P Diddy, after arriving late and marching down the runway to get to his seat in front of everyone with full entourage behind him, managed to unseat a fashionista who had been wearing sunglasses and looking aloof the whole time.
So, Diddy sits down with his friend and tries to look mean and macho. He even put his foot up on the stage to look casual, hot and male but it really was simply gauche. Meanwhile, next to him is Patrick McDonald, dandy about town – dressed to the hilt in velvet, sparkling jewels and painted-on eyeliner and beauty mark. The two sat there, unsure of what to make of each other.

It was like a TV special where the Jetsons meet the Flintstones. McDonald rested his delicate sparkling hand on his knee while Diddy sat back and tried to think thug/frat. Neither knew what to do with the other. Here's the rest of them from yesterday at Heatherette.

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