Wednesday, September 19, 2007

After milking his 7 minutes of fame and 8 million hits on Youtube, Chris Crocker actually seems to be getting his own show and that’s just great news for anyone who still subscribes to the American dream of becoming a celebrity in twenty minutes for practically nothing.
At this point, the kid is just annoying. He’s so clearly aware of his schtick and what sells that somewhat annoyingly detracts from the central social issue of who he is and the issues surrounding his apparent plight. Plus, now he’s just going through the process of mustering up as much hype as possible.
I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with hype but frankly, he’s really no better at what he’s doing than probably half the gay kids his age. So many kids that live in tired assed small towns are plagued with the same desperate boredom, crippling social alienation and run of the mill over compensation for low self esteem that leads to wearing excessive makeup and staring at oneself in the mirror for hours on end while seriously identifying to someone like Britney Spears on an irrationally deep level. I mean, go for it kid but this is just as tired as every other gay ass idea TV has thrown up.
It’s so tired to watch mainstream culture repeatedly finally catch on to something that’s been around since forever, stare at it in wonderment for a year and then drop it. This is what happened with Queer Eye and is bound to be what happens to the relentlessly innocuous kid who did “Ask a Gay Man” in between working as a manager at The Gap.
So basically, the Chris Crocker Experience will essentially be Priscilla, Queen of the Desert with a rampantly self absorbed teenaged kid who is quick with the defensive one-liners at the helm. So, essentially Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Actually, we’re really due for a reality TV show that sticks a bunch of gays in the middle of nowhere right about now. It’s in the air, it’s buzzing around waiting to fall out of the proverbial womb and ferment on the floor but hasn’t quite happened yet. It’s just early on enough to still be mildly edgy. [source]

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