Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Three years ago the Vatican launched its calendar of hot priests presumably to make some money and to market the priesthood to even more covertly gay people and now the Mormons are doing the same thing. The totally un-sexually titled website www.mormonsexposed.com goes into more detail a la a reality TV type show (except online) about the making of their calendar of pictures of Mormon missionaries stripped to the waist (anything more would be prurient of course).

Is it too obvious to ask, “What the hell is with these Churches who relentlessly batter down the notion of human sexuality in general, let alone gay people, launching soft core porn to entice people?”
I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it and it makes total sense from a marketing perspective, but it’s so completely arbitrary to suggest that all of a sudden THIS is ok when basically nothing else is.
Plus, I’d bet a mint that Mormons Exposed producer Chad Hardy is an apologetic, mincing, sweater around the neck, gelled spiked hair sporting, closeted …make up artist himself. The closeted religious types always come out with the best ways of expressing themselves without going to hell. It’s all about negotiating reality. It’s fine – they’re all missionaries. They’re not real men. [source] [source]

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Anonymous said...

Mormons are a lot more at ease with sex and sexuality than most people think. We're talking about the religion that thinks its believers have to bring as many kids to earth as they can handle to give all the souls in heaven a chance to prove themselves. This requires sex. Mormons are taught that sex is a great thing in the correct relationship and don't oppose the use of condoms like the Catholics. And...if, as the current research suggests, the more brothers that are born into a family the greater the likelihood of having a younger gay sibling is correct, the Mormons will take over as the leaders in per capita births, per capita bilinguals, and per capita gays. So really Salt Lake has been heating up long before this calendar.