Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sherri Shepherd is the big new addition to The View which isn’t surprising seeing as she’s been back so many times and it’s just about the most underwhelming thing since they painted the set beige.
Shepherd is fine, she’s not popular because she’s purposefully annoying, formulaicly right wing or contrary like Hasselbeck, she’s just not that great. She plays the standard diva role well and then she has those great lines about how she doesn’t care about what science says, she’s still a firm believer in Creationism and you can tell when the discussion turns to Creationism that she just wants to put her fingers in her ears but then, that only happens every now so it’s not like you’re constantly in a state of wanting to smash the television with an axe when you watch the View and Sherri is on.
Also, it’s good that they’ve got the rotunned black woman quota finally filled again. There’s a certain maternal, no bullshit charm to having an essentially funny, fat, black woman on the show.
Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg is too smart for that show and the predictable hype that surrounds it. It was so obvious that she didn’t support Vick in her statement that he came from a culture where dog fighting was commonplace and yet the shrill reactionists at PETA and the like jumped on the bandwagon and ran with it. You could almost sense that Whoopi was rolling her eyes thinking, “Well, it’s a paycheck.”
The View is so freaking tired. Sherri had better work. She also looks evil in the shot I used of her up there. Like, Satanic evil. [source]

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