Friday, September 14, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A computer programmer in Poland is under fire because he managed to create a link between a search for the word “penis” through google and the Polish presidential website. Well, now isn’t that interesting. Here in America, the White House has run a campaign on the idea that it’s the embodiment of macho, male culture and in fact, years ago President Bush wore a flight suit that emphasized the hell out of his crotch and he stayed elected. In Poland you face jail for linking the concept, in America you’re just doing your job as a PR and image consultant. My what a complex world. [source]
The Chinese government has taken time out of its demanding schedule of preparation for the Beijing Olympics to warn people of computer viruses that have apparently been installed in e-card mooncakes. What the hell is an e-card mooncake? Hi, I couldn’t be bothered sending you a cake or buying one so here’s a picture of one through e mail that took me all of two seconds to organize and plus, you’re probably going to receive a ton of spam now. I actually hate you. That’s why I sent you a virtual e-cake. "I was very attracted by the e-card on QQ (a Chinese online chat application), but after I opened it many harmful pages popped up on my computer," said a Chinese office worker. If you’re the kind of person who sends or deserves a virtual lotus seed paste mooncake then you deserve that virus worm for being just plain lame. Virtual cake: is there a worse cultural infringement? Maybe puffin soup, but that’s about it. [source]
A Venezuelan man was about to undergo an autopsy when he woke up in extreme pain because morticians were cutting him open. There’s not much else to say here besides, asking the question, “What kind of cockamaymee outfit are the Venezuelans running down there if they’re cutting open dead people who are still alive?” Still, that guy has a great anecdote to go with the scar on his face now, he can just say, “Oh yeah, that was when I was undergoing an autopsy but I wasn’t dead.” And then leave it at that. He will soon have his own show with Chris Crocker. There’s no specific reason why the two should work together but they should. [source]

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