Thursday, September 06, 2007

It’s New York Fashion Week and as a result there’s the requisite scrutiny of the thinness of models and their eating habits and that’s why it isn't surprising that the New York Post ran a story about how models and thin women actually eat . There’s nothing better than watching or even reading about what someone else saw while they were watching models and thin women sit in front of food. The agony about accepting love and nourishment, the evident longing, the final succumbing to workplace pressures.

Page Six specifically reports that Iman and Linda Evangelista ate their lunch the other day at a Fashion Lunch (ha!) for FIT at the Rainbow Room. I mean, ok, sure. Did Page Six do their journalistic duty and follow them all into the bathrooms afterwards? No, it appears they did not. Consequently, I now have to sit here for a good three minutes and conjour up what I can only assume happened in the bathrooms after that lunch of lobster and primavera risotto.

Demi Moore gets up and Linda Evangelista looks up nervously at her. They both freeze slightly and look around nervously. Evangelista says, “I think it’s ok…let’s just go We’ve got to make it before the food starts to be processed…shit, I ate a whole piece of bread with oil on it.”

“Yeah, cool. Let’s go puke our lunch up Lind,” says Demi.

Then they rush off to the bathroom and go into the same stall where they each take turns showing the other how to get the most out at one time. Evangelista has a lot more acid in her stomach than she thought and has irreversible bad breathe for the rest of the day.

Moore stands up, stomach empty and looks in the mirror. She remembers she’s dating Ashton Kutcher, let’s everything download and then wanders out of the bathroom. Evangelista is sitting on the toilet waiting for her body to stop shaking involuntarily before she goes out to the crowds again. It’s not attractive to be shaking in front of people. [source]

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