Friday, September 21, 2007

Maureen McCormick, the woman who played the original Marcia Brady is writing a tell-all book about her life and reports on it suggest that there is a section in the book that details the lesbian interaction she had with Eve Plum, the actor who played Jan. The Brady Bunch is great for crap like that. Mr Brady died of AIDS, Peter Brady went on to marry a b-grade ho after doing reality TV and infomercials, Mrs Brady is still hammering out the same old routine as “America’s Mother” but you know that underneath the smile, mole and sequins that she’s a detail oriented nightmare and Alice is now a member of a cult. What happened to Bobby? IMDB suggests his star meter is down 22% since last week alone. Aw.

It’s not even the fact that the two girls had a slight lesbian interaction that’s so weird, it’s that the veneer of one dimensional purity is so completely bullshit. The great thing about American pop culture’s attempts at wholesome and inoffensive TV and music is that more often than not, there’s way more darkness and freakish sexual deviance under the brittle, synthetic exterior than you’d expect. Sort of like Republicans who are sexual moralists. I mean, Britney Spears for Christ’s sake. [source]

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