Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another soap star has been arrested for DUI which now makes two in two days. Yesterday it was Kirsten Storms and today it’s Sean Kanan. The interesting thing about the recent spate of celebrity DUI arrests is that they’re following the same basic trajectory as the list of people who went into rehab did over the past few months.

First it’s the pioneer stars and A-listers and then the join-ins with declining levels of celebrity collect and lay claim to faddish trends by doing whatever they have to do to form alignment with bigger celebs than themselves and then eventually its people like Jesse Metcalf and these two soap stars months later piping up from the peanut gallery with a little, battery powered mega-phone proclaiming that they too are part of the team.

At this point it might have been ironic and unexpectedly clever for Storms and Kanan to just have announced that they were going into rehab. Sort of in the same way that Marc JAcobs just uses the same "Dresses were late" excuse every year at Fashion Week. If he deviated every year it would seem unlikely. This way, it's just too ridiculous to give much more thought to.

To be fair, Kanan has been arrested for this before so maybe he doesn’t suck as a join in as much as I’m making out. No, he just sucks as a driver and he’s probably an imperious more or less functioning alcoholic type. Sounds like a dream husband. [source] [source]

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