Monday, September 24, 2007

He was edging that way last week but Chris Crocker now officially sucks. The schtick and the approach seemed far too savvy for someone who was supposed to be stuck in a small town with his judgmental Pentecostal grandparents with no outlet except for his video files from the very beginning. With TMZ’s new video of him standing outside the most obvious places in LA, playing the bitchkid answer to Ann Coulter entirely on the subject of Britney, he’s descended to the level of Bobby Trendy.

His initial point, no matter how inane, was essentially understandable; he, sort of like Shostakovich really, was starved of necessary contact with people like him in the outside world. It’s not exactly uncommon even if it is shrill with a veneer that makes him look like he has a little potential to be an actor or at least marketed as one.

Now, though, he’s just playing up to the people in his hometown but en masse and there’s nothing else to him. What he says isn’t offensive, it’s reactionary. He’s got 3 minutes left. When you take into account the hair, he’s the new Sanjaya. [source]

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