Thursday, September 13, 2007

The New York Post reports that Britney Spears emerged from quivering in the proverbial corner for the first time since the “the unpleasantness” at the weekend VMAs and has spent some time with her lawyer. If there’s one thing you can give Brit, it’s that she’s got get up and go.
The Post really tears the wound open and pours in a mixture of salt, chilli and lemon and then kicks her this morning though. Not only do they stare at her the moment she’s seen again and point a disgusted finger at her, they make sure you have access to the photos of her environmental disaster of a performance from the weekend, they point out that everyone was laughing at her, they bring up the custody battle she’s currently embroiled in with ex-husband K-Fed and then, just to keep kicking her while she’s down they mention that it’s also her son’s birthday. Oh, and then they offer readers effortless access to photographic evidence of further failure by offering up the choice to

Click here for pictures of Britney's failed marriage to K-Fed.

But good old Brit – she’s still out there shopping for crap she doesn’t need. What a trooper. And thank YOU New York Post for distracting me from myself by beating the crap out of Brit. What a way to wake up in the morning. [source]

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