Friday, September 28, 2007

Some garden variety, rancid, gold digging hos are trying to sue Joe Francis for using footage of them in a Girls Gone Wild film without their consent, reports TMZ. The trouble is, they are seen in the footage actually giving their full conscious consent so it’s clear they’re just trying to kick him while he’s down and in jail on tax evasion charges.

It’s interesting the way America does this to celebrities who are down. Britney is the target of a relentless barrage of suits and charges and rumours that are totally ludicrous but that definitely add to the freakishness of it all and they seem to multiply simply because things are so bad for her right now. Granted she’s completely lost her mind but it’s so utterly clear that K-Fed is cashing in on her delusion for his own gain. The coverage of her performance at the MTV awards was an astonishingly cruel and unusually detailed dissection of an appearance, down to the hand with the lost fake nail.

Same basic deal here with Francis. He’s in jail so people have just decided to kick him despite the fact that the actual lawsuit is essentially without basis or merit.

My question in all of this is, “Where is Candy Spelling?” Where did she go? Where did the nation’s fleeting step mother go? Surely now would be a great time for her to emerge and write another unsolicited, menopause induced advice column. People are suing, Britney is fatter than ever before. Candy is needed more than she has ever been needed. [source]

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