Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So, Kid Nation starts tonight on CBS and if there was ever a better potential venue to view some of America’s most smug, entitled, manipulative prodigy kids all in one show then this is it. The weird part about American kids who appear on TV is that they always seem to be either parroting the behavior of actual neurotic adults or they’re replicating the behavior of melodramatic film and TV characters for maximum impact.

Smart kids always know how to extract an emotional reaction from common people so this show should be as nauseating to watch as it is to see an 8 year old kid who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan try and negotiate the subway or wander through the Met before stopping for an espresso and to check their voicemail. Plus, they're always on something like paxil to deal with depression or anxiety.

Still, maybe the show will include a fat asthmatic kid in a wheelchair that everyone likes who sticks with the program before being eaten alive by a wild boar. That could be mildly amusing but I can’t be sure because I’m already so damned entitled so I'll have to judge at the last minute.

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Anonymous said...

I've only read about three of your entrys here, and thats 4 minutes of my life I wish I could get back. I'm looking forward to the day when a gay guy has a optomistic and upbeat blog, breaking the stereotype of the angry gay man who has to try to be as witty and negative as he can to be noticed.