Friday, September 07, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

- Ok, so I was just checking through some SPAM and found this e mail about how Domino’s Pizza has for some time GRACIOUSLY offered customers a “Domino’s Oreo Dessert Pizza” and basically didn’t believe that it actually existed. Then I did some research by looking it up on google and found this ad on youtube.
Essentially, this isn’t just “pretty nauseating”, it’s a culinary travesty. It’s actually hard to use the word “culinary” in relation to it seeing as there’s really no way in hell it was invented in a kitchen that wasn’t staffed by Russian chemical warfare engineers. This is the dessert answer to canned Vienna sausages.

Malaysia caught the disease earlier in the week and now, it seems, Vietnam has caught it too. Being so close to an Olympics mad China is clearly spreading frantic bizarre behavior in neighbouring Asian countries. Well, ok, it is North Vietnam and North Vietnam is as bat shit crazy as China in many ways. Recent reports state that Communist Vietnamese public servants have been told to improve their manners, stop shouting at people and refrain from cooking in government offices. Plus, what do you do with a directive like “phone conversation must not be cut off suddenly." What do they want? A Nation of sickening “You hang up…no, YOU hang up…no, YOU hang up…” crap. Yes, that should improve morale; make daily life into a crap Tom Hanks film, stop all emotional expression and then, when people are hungry, stop them from preparing food for lunch. They should be overjoyed and delighted to be under the iron fist. [source]

A Senior Chinese official named Pang Jiayu has been called out by the 11 women he was dating on the sly after some of the women’s husbands were sentences to death probably as a direct result of the efforts of Jiayu. "Pang did not expect that he would be brought down by his own 11 mistresses," the official People's Daily said in a report carried on its Web site. And indeed who, in power, WOULD expect that kind of backlash or indeed “cause and effect”? After all, who could foresee anything going wrong in a scenario where you’re just a corrupt senior official in a corrupt police state and you had just killed men and you were dating 11 women at once. No one could foresee that. What a tragedy. [source]

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