Friday, September 14, 2007

Maybe there was nothing else to print this morning so the Post ran with this great piece about Bijou Phillips wanting her boyfriend to marry her. Can I just say, Bijou Phillips is insufferable.
Well, she was this week at the Heatherette show at Fashion Week anyway. She was in the front row next to God Damned Tinsley Mortimer and because no one was watching her and the photographers were busy shooting pics of Lance Bass or whoever else, she figured she’d better start dancing like a hippy child in her seat. So, she’s sitting there arms above her head waving them about dancing and her eyes are closed.

When you’re self conscious and dancing, it’s really important to close your eyes because when your eyes are closed it makes you look like you’re transcending reality or some crap with your transcendental dance moves or whatever. Ooo, wow…I’m totally just in my own self actualized world here in my seat at Fashion Week…quick document my fairy like ways…

So, she’s dancing away and even tired old Tinsley is sitting there looking awkward. Then the music stops and she freaking keeps dancing.

It would probably be fine for her to do that at a woodland hippy meeting because no one would give a shit but in front of ten hyper active photographers it’s just so utterly lame.

So, yeah, Danny Masterson marry Bijou Phillips . Sounds like a walk in the park. Give her ten years and she’ll be Joan Crawford and then where will you be. [source]

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