Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So far Kanye West has sold more albums than 50 Cent on the day of release of both their albums, 200,000 more albums to be precise and if this trend continues for the next 6 days, 50 Cent is meant to stop producing solo albums.

The only part of this whole thing that was ever going to be interesting was the hilarious moment when the losing mega-egoed human thug product found out he lost the bet.
What would actually make it more hilarious than simply watching the initial moment of crippling sadness at realized failure would be if the loser had to sit down in front of the entire world (possibly on TV) in Times Square at a little wooden desk and shovel (vegetarian) crow pie into his mouth while wearing a t shirt that reads
“I am so god damned full of crap – I need to shut up more often than I do. Sometimes I allow my ego to take over my entire brain because I am about as emotionally and intellectually mature as a spoilt 12 year old. Please laugh directly in my face because it will help me to learn to never act like this again. I realize I bore people and am working on my insecurities and class anxiety with a therapist. She is a woman. I need advice from women who are smarter than me.”
All that must be on the t-shirt for the full impact satisfaction and karmic debt to be repaid for being – at once – so utterly annoying and so utterly boring and predictable at the same time.
The great thing about this competition is that most people were going to get some kind of win at the end of the day no matter what. The winner gets a massive (albeit almost dangerously unnecessary) ego boost, the public get a spectacle which will entertain them because the downfall of a celebrity is almost always about as fulfilling and stimulating as the worshipping of one and, from the publicity, the loser will probably be able to string it out into a self indulgent market research test where he mobilizes people to clamor for a new album. Then the inane ego rhetoric would be able to continue. Excellent. [source]

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