Monday, September 10, 2007

Is it cynical to suggest that because September 11 is a notable date, six years on, people are riding that memorability for their own commercial purposes? Perez Hilton premiers his new TV show that day and Kanye West and Fitty Cent both have albums they’re possibly battling each other over that are dropping (it’s hard to tell seeing as what was meant to be a publicity stunt between them is sometimes on, sometimes off). Incidentally, the video ad above is just not funny. How is bland, obvious humour funny? Obvious humour can be funny. Deadpan obvious humour can be funny. Bland obvious humour cannot be.
It’s good that there are all these September 11 launches though because when you’re done down at Ground Zero you can wander up to Union Square and buy all the new CDs that are launching to change the subject.

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