Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The second round of celebrity excuses is from Marc Jacobs who presented his Spring 2008 line last night at Bryant Park and he got started a mere 2 hours late – sort of a record for him. The shows have tended to start at least a half hour late and it hasn’t really bothered anyone except for snippy stylists who want to appear important and heavily scheduled. Two hours late got everyone pretty angry according to reports from the New York Daily News but it’s not the first time this has happened with Marc Jacobs.

The Daily News writes:

Spring 2007: Nearly 70 minutes late.Because of: The clothes. They were late.
Fall 2006: Two hours. Because of: The shoes. They were late.
Spring 2006: Two hours.Because of: The clothes. That's right, late.
Fall 2005: 1.5 hoursBecause of: The clothes. But everyone suspected it was Beyonce's fault.

Technically, it probably was Beyonce’s fault back in 2005. If she was in the room, the amount of need and energy vacuuming that was happening probably sent everyone else to sleep.

But ultimately, wouldn’t you just get a new courier? Or a new excuse? The same excuse every time can’t possibly work. Unless that’s what he’s banking on. Maybe he is expecting me to think that if he were lying he’d come up with new excuses everytime…this way it looks realistic because no one could possibly believe that he’d have clothing delivery options every single Fashion Week for years in a row. Touche Marc Jacobs…You’ve won this round…

Marc Jacobs apparently does get away with it repeatedly though because even though he was apparently threatened with being boycotted by Anna Wintour if he was late one year, he was still half an hour late and no one said anything. People complained this year too but no one cares. They just wanted to be there. The accounts of Andre Leon Tally’s reaction were as expected, “No Comment!” he stormed. But that’s just part of his performance so who knows WHAT to beleive. [source]

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