Monday, September 17, 2007

OJ Simpson is currently being held without bail as he awaits trial for seven different felonies relating to an incident last week which involved him bursting into a hotel room and taking a whole lot of sports memorabilia that he insists belonged to him. He burst into a hotel room with a bunch of henchmen or whatever you call them, mercenaries – yeah, mercenaries, and kind of terrorized a man who had the items.

Ok, so, is it possible to illustrate any better that O J Simpson is a boundariless, narcissistic, celebrity freak who simply cannot operate within the normal confines of human decency and who has been staring at a probable fate of eventual, steadily escalating irrelevance and it scares him into lashing out and doing insane things for attention? I think not.

Simpson wanted to be caught for something – anything at all it seems - because when he gets caught he gets the most press. Maybe that’s why he was smirking in the photo the New York Post ran as he was carted away.

With THIS OJ trial the notion of celebrity retribution will be a huge factor. Just as was the case with Paris Hilton when she was over-punished for being famous and was put in jail for 3 weeks for a DUI which really seemed to be more of a personal moralist statement coming from a showboating showbiz wannabe judge than a fair sentence, with OJ the public will want to see him hammered out and jailed not just for these alleged crimes but also for the murder he was acquitted of in 1995.

OJ is one of those dumb ass fame desperate people like Spencer Pratt; as long as people are looking at him he doesn’t care what it’s for so he acts like a dumb ass and thwarts his own credibility left and right just to stay in the news. [source]

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