Monday, September 17, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

If you squint really hard, drink a lot of coffee that may or may not be laced with LSD and then spin around several times before you look at it, the new Super Mario Galaxy Boxcart packaging may or may not have subliminal homophobic packaging. The title of the game on the box has stars on some of the letters in the title and if you put the starred letters together they spell out U R MR. GAY. Which is a clear indication that the same really savvy people who put gay undertones into the Disney films in attempting to take over the world are back at it. All we need to do now is wait for a Republican senator who is not getting the votes he or she wants to notice this and champion it as a cause that saves the children and American will be business as usual. [source]

6 percent less people wash their hands in public restrooms in the US than did in 2005 a study has revealed. What a charming surprise that is! People were interviewed on the phone about it and 92% said they washed their hands but then research at actual public restrooms showed that 77% actually did. IT’s just like religion. People lie in surveys. Far more people are actually atheists, but they just say they aren’t. Except with this you take out the word “atheist” and you put in “filthy dirty”. [source]

A 30 year old man in China has died after he sat at in an internet cafĂ© and played computer games for 3 days without stopping. Who knows why he was doing it – most of the time people do things like that because it’s a way to escape reality. What reality was he trying to escape? Maybe the reality that no longer includes crispy duck at public toilets in China because of the Olympics. The Olympics seem to be causing more harm than good right now. Reports in China said that people "left the cafe in fear after witnessing the man's death.". That’s a good and important part of the story and one that no one could have predicted. [source]

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