Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pam Anderson is apparently on her way to living out the same fate as Britney Spears, according to the Post. Page Six reports that she’s hanging out with pimp Rick Solomon, she may or may not either think they're already married or actually already be married and is getting way too drunk in public, way too often.

Pam Anderson, as far as I can remember seeing as I’m hardly part of the Baywatch demographic, is one of those rare American celebrities who figured it out and kept it simple. She has always wanted to be, by her own admission according to Ruby Wax’s autobiography, just a ho. And frankly, not only has she been a successful one, she’s been a 100% grade A, top shelf ho with a genuine sense of irony.

She never lost the plot entirely – she just goes out there like a trooper, shows up behind her breasts, laughs, smiles, gets paid and goes home. She parodies herself all over the place. It’s genius. Pam Anderson could easily have been a complete train wreck earlier on in life like Lohan or Spears when you consider how much of her life she is really consciously responsible for creating. She never really has fallen apart. Until now, apparently.

No matter, Pam Anderson doesn’t suck. She’s probably just due for another stapling up session. And some skin plumping. Why doesn’t everyone just leave her alone. She’s had two fucking kids…all you people want is more more more more more. [source]

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