Friday, September 14, 2007

Hooray, it’s MORE crap about Britney’s God Damned VMAs performance. If the New York Post is accurate in reporting that Britney is in talks with the Emmys people about apologizing on TV this weekend for lethargically dragging her sorry, ab painted alcohol and Tex Mex plump gut across the stage at the VMAs then all sympathy and understanding for her current “difficulties” need to stop. It’s time for Chris Crocker to stuff a sock in his mouth. The New York Post reports that Britney is talking with people at the Emmys about apparently appearing on camera to apologise to western culture.

What a load of crap. This is the same attention seeking publicity technique employed by Dina Lohan whenever she responds to critics of her parenting technique with an edited statement e mailed to an editor. It’s contrived and completely anchored in a desperate plea for attention.
Britney doesn’t need to apologise for her travesty, she needs to disappear, take a bath and do some yoga. She also needs to lose some weight. Desperately. She desperately needs to drop 10 or 20 pounds particularly around her mid section. Yes, that’s the section that needs to have the excess flab worked off.

At this point, everything Britney does is a cry for attention unless she goes to like France and lives in Normandy for 3 years. That’d be fine. [source]

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