Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So, Larry Birkhead is suing Rita Cosby for slander due to the fact that her new book makes the claim that he and Howard K Stern are not only in cahoots for the sake of money and fame when it comes to Anna Nicole’s kid but that they also had sex on camera for Anna (that’s got to be every girl’s dream). He went on Larry King last night to talk to Harvey Levin, from TMZ about the whole thing.

Both Rita Cosby and Larry Birkhead argue their cases pretty well and even though Birkhead uses big words like “slander” and “money laundering” and he doesn’t even stumble over their pronunciation, he still really doesn’t seem smart enough to be able to actually sit there and full on lie on camera. Howard K Stern could because he’s a lawyer but Larry Birkhead couldn’t.

Cosby, on the other hand comes across as earnest in the same way Mel B did when she was arguing the virtue behind her law suit with Eddie Murphy as though it were all about the example to be set for other women. For Cosby, the point is that the American people need to know about what is happening to little baby Dannilyn. If she were talking about government cover ups regarding the Iraq War then the tone might resonate with some level of impact but it really seems ludicrous not to mention her gratuitous call for people to read the book.

Larry Birkhead’s averageness has always worked for him. He could have made way more money off the kid in the beginning but failed. Cosby is the liar. Having said that, if there’s a tape involving Birkhead and Stern then it better get leaked. Perhaps, if it is possible to put Josh Hartnett in the role of Howard K Stern and Luke Wilson in the role of Larry Birkhead that might work well too. For the children.

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Anonymous said...

Rita Cosby is a gossip whore who has rarely gotten a story right since she been on-air and now she is writing a book? I remember her from the weeks and weeks of coverage after Anna's death. Who reported incorrect after incorrect information and never corrected herself. It was always left up to some other poor schmuck. I saw her on air reporting
"exclusively" that Smith had recently had a breast augmentation and that she the reason for the infection. Then two seconds later the medical examiner reports "Ms. Smith did not have any recent surgeries, specifically, NO plastic surgery since her pregnancy". She jumps the gun and just puts out gossip. Which is fine if that is what you want to read. Just classify it properly in the fiction section.