Tuesday, January 08, 2008

With the Iowa caucus over and the New Hampshire primaries on their way, America apparently needs a little more pop cultural Prozac than Britney Spears’ flat tyre so the Anna Nicole saga is being dragged out of the vault. The New York Post reports that there’s still a battle going on between uber-celebrity lawyer Debra Opri and Anna Nicole Smith’s ex, Larry Birkhead.

MONTHS ago she sent him a bill for somewhere in the area of $600,000 that included all manner of outrageous things Birkhead said he wasn’t liable for; like lobster dinners and her husband’s laundry.

So, the story is that he offered her a sum, she declined. They did this by sitting in two separate rooms with coffee and pastry while a negotiator walked back and forth.

There he is above. Look at that suspicious face. That lingering calculating expression. OoooooOOOOOooooooo. Ok, stop it.
Essentially there’s not too much more here than what was happening several months ago but at least we have the image of them sitting in a room with pastry. I immediately started to wonder what KIND of pastry. I started to wonder that, I also started to wonder how Birkhead gets the money to pay for anything at all let alone the kid AND I also started to wonder where Virgie Arthur is and why she hasn’t been photographed oil wrestling yet. These are all things that downloaded in my head immediately upon thinking about this story and now I’m not thinking about Hillary Clinton crying or Obama against McCain. Thank god. [source]

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