Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week # 4 in Review

And just like that, as randomly and instantly as could be imagined, Academy Award nominated Heath Ledger died from something to do with prescription sleeping pills. Preliminary examinations proved to be inconclusive at revealing exactly what caused Ledger to die in his sleep but it was generally accepted that his death was an accident. Warner Brothers acknowledged Ledger’s death by placing the image of a black ribbon on the website pertaining to Ledger’s next film, “The Dark Knight”, the media and crowds of people stood around the front door to the building in which he was living on Broome Street and Fox Radio commentator John Gibson joked about it, calling Ledger a “Weirdo with a “serious drug problem”. Gibson was forced to retract his statement and to apologise. Court TV’s Star Jones wrote an editorial in the Huffington Post calling on people to leave the Ledger family in peace and for the media to cease printing rumours based on anonymous sources and blogger Perez Hilton declined to post some of the more graphic images the removal of Ledger’s body from the apartment in which he was found.

Pop star Britney Spears was again denied visitation rights to her children and was quoted as saying that it was a “wonderful day” when she left the courtroom after being informed of the judge’s decision to continue the denial of her visitation. It was speculated that Spears, in fact, informs the paparazzi of where she will be at any given time to ensure publicity and her on again off again boyfriend Adnan Ghalib was quoted as saying that his relationship with Spears is “far from over”. Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn announced that she would be giving up her baby so that her mother may raise it when she gives birth. This move is to ensure that she has a more normal teenaged life and so that she can continue her Hollywood career.
A 16 year old boy was arrested after he had flown from Los Angeles, California to Nashville, Tennessee and it was discovered that he had plans to hijack a plane in an attempt to commit suicide. He had intended to crash the plane into a Hannah Montana concert. Actress Angelina Jolie was rumoured to be pregnant with twins, actor Eddie Murphy was about to marry his fiancé Tracey Edmonds when his insistence that his mother accompany them on their honeymoon cause them to fight and for the wedding to be called off and soccer star David Beckham was revealed to be responsible for 163 tons of carbon dioxide yearly compared to the normal 9.4 tons the average English person produces.

Musician Lenny Kravitz made the claim that he is celibate and has been for three years, Amy Winehouse was photographed and filmed smoking crack and the Academy Award nominations for 2008 were announced.

In oddball news, 52 percent of Russians, a recent survey revealed, spend at least a third of their home life in the kitchen with 5 percent “practically never leaving the kitchen”, the amount of bicycles stolen in China has halved in the past nine months due to a strict campaign designed to clamp down on theft in preparation for the Olympics.
In further news out of Asia, a study coming out of Japan has revealed that outgoing people are most at risk for being overweight, a Japanese woman named Sachiko Tsukada stole a million dollars for her boyfriend – a man whom she had never actually met but whom she had conversed with entirely online.

In Central America, Mexico City began a bus service designated for use by women only so as to protect them from being relentlessly groped by men while in the United States, Miss South Florida Fair Jessica Wittenbrink made the claim that her dress had been vandalized by someone backstage; she claimed someone had covered it in lipstick but the police found no evidence to suggest that her claims were truthful, a ten month old cat that had climbed into a suitcase which was then taken to the airport, packed on a plane and then accidentally picked up by the wrong person, was returned to its original owner, a Brooklyn mother found a small frog in her lettuce and a woman named Vicky Armstrong revealed that she had spent 19 years collecting pennies and had amassed a total of $550 worth so far.

In Europe, a Spanish driver named Tomas Delgado who had killed a 17 year old cyclist after speeding, decided to sue the dead boy’s family for damages done to his car to the tune of 20,000 Euros and an English bus driver apologised to a girl wearing a dog collar whom he insisted leave his bus. The driver said he was concerned about safety.

“I generally act animal-like and I lead a really easy life. I don’t cook or clean and I doin’t go anywhere with Dani( her 25 year old boyfriend),” the girl said. “It might seem strange but it makes us both happy. It’s my culture and my choice. It isn’t hurting anyone.”

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