Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Well, look at that. Nicole Kidman IS pregnant. Well, we really couldn’t see THAT coming a freaking mile off. Yesterday Page Six reported that she was either denying it or refusing to talk about it. Now, her rep Wendy Day has confirmed it.

There are two things about this that are interesting. One, it seems sort of like this is the A-List pregnancy version of Neil Patrick Harris’ coming out where the story was bursting regardless of anything the he could actually do so he came out and got all this applause. Kidman handled this badly by refusing to answer a question from a journalist who asked her directly whether she was pregnant and that set it all off.

The other thing about this is, how weird is she going to be as a mother seeing as her other kids, Isabella and Connor don’t even call her “mom”, they call her Nicole? Perez reported a while ago that they actually call Katie Holmes “mom” which is odd seeing as they’re all about the same age. Maybe Katie Holmes gets dressed up in an old woman’s frock from the dress up box and puts on a wide brimmed opera hat and ill-fitting satin gloves and they all PLAY “mothers and fathers” and THAT’S when the kids call Holmes “mom”. Connor gets himself a pair of hard woolen britches and a huge lollipop while Isabella sits there with blue hair and black nailpolish wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt while chewing gum and twirling it around her finger.

Nicole Kidman is going to be the next Joan Crawford; anytime the kid infringes on her beautifying routines she'll have a crippling nervous breakdown and will throw pans and vases at it. Keith Urban will be unconscious in the corner holding a bottle of Jack Daniels. That kid is going to grow up and write some incredible poetry. [source]

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Anonymous said...

The ice queen will be a real "doting" Mom. Keith Urban won't be around, he will be sniffing coke and screwing loose women. Good Luck with that one LOL.