Monday, January 14, 2008

In other Britney news, the New York Post reports that Britney and her Stockholm Syndrome induced boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib were out shopping in a Studio City Mall yesterday and Ghalib actually started shoving the paparazzi who were getting in their way.

Of course, here you could point out that he’s sort of a sell-out, having started to act out like a childish celebrity who clamors to be looked at and then when people look they scream to be left alone – but really, the fact is, he’s just protecting his investment. The Paparazzi probably have to be really aggressive because of each other but if you get one alone with a celebrity, and there’s no time constraints then the transaction is sort of like when you’re standing alone in the woods with a deer and the deer isn’t afraid so it comes up and starts to take the chance that you’re not going to kill it. Deer are such freaking spineless animals, they really are. They're like birds. I mean, I like them both but GOD, not everything is out to kill you guys.

Anyway, so, that’s sort of the way the relationship between Brit and Ghalib works. He’s used to having to beat people down to get to the gold mine but now he’s in, he protecting his investment like nothing else. Because all he really needs is like 4 photos of her looking like an emotional wreck behind closed doors where she’s crying or something OR of her having sex or naked and he will be able to send his kids to Dalton. [source]

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