Friday, January 11, 2008

People Magazine has reported that Katie Holmes opened up about her kid, Suri Cruise – well, actually who knows whose kid it is – many many people think the kid is actually a robot – and she was quoted as saying:

"She's a very strong woman." "I'm very proud of her," the 29-year-old actress added to PEOPLE at Thursday's Glamour magazine kickoff event for V-Day's 10th Anniversary. "She's actually teaching me a lot – probably more than I'm teaching her."

People are saying Katie Holmes is losing her mind because clearly Suri Cruise is actually not even two so how her own mother could mistake her for a fully grown woman is rather odd. I actually just think she’s completely exhausted and she’s saying weird crap because she needs a lie down.

I mean, it can’t be easy catering to the manic demands of Tom Cruise all day and all night, with his constant perfectionist approach to the authentic portrayal of a relationship for the sake of work. That’s also to say nothing of the fact that she is being styled to look like a 45 year old woman even though she’s only freaking 29. I’m assuming that’s because it makes Tom Cruise look less dated and old because if she looked 29 he’d look like a man with Peter Pan syndrome.

It’s all attention to detail and class when you sign on for a marriage with Cruise Corp.

The only time she’s allowed out is to walk the kid and to pose for photographs while running in a marathon or next to Tom. In many ways, Katie Holmes is this decade’s Princess Diana. All locked up in a castle. She didn’t know what she was getting into and now she’s losing her mind and calling her daughter a woman. [source]

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