Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jamie Lynn Spears has decided to have her child and then give it up to her mother, Lynn Spears to raise rather than to soldier on with it as a 16 year old Hollywood kid mother. Apparently, she doesn’t understand the implications of having a kid and Lynn Spears wants her to have a career and to be a teenager and go out with friends.

Of course Lynn Spears wants Jamie Lynn to have a career. How else is she going to keep herself in furs while she trains a replacement? With a new kid she as a new little project she can start forming into the uber-celebrity child beast she has been honing her show mother skills to create for the past 26 years. She really messed up the first one, the second one seems still pretty squeaky except for, of course, the teenaged sex she’s been having with either her dumb ass 18 year old boyfriend or the older pederast TV executive at Nickelodeon. Lynn has learned what she did wrong and now she has a chance to create the ultimate earning machine robot.
The first words that kid is going to hear are “Don’t you look at me and cry! SMILE. NOW, from the top! Five, six, seven, eight!” [source]

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