Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Of course, even though Heath Ledger dying has diverted attention from the daily antics of Mademoiselle Spears, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s still out there not washing, racing around gas stations, driving endlessly, becoming romantically involved with her paparazzi captors and eating crap food. Consequently, People Magazine has run an interview paraphrasing an interview conducted by Entertainment Tonight with her Stockholm Syndrome boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib who has said that he would be lying if he said no to the idea of marrying Britney. This follows reports that she dumped him yesterday.

Ghalib is trotting out the party line though by maintaining that Brit is completely sane and is focused on her kids. He also maintains that he isn’t interested in selling photos of her and that their relationship is “far from over”. It’s funny how what immediately comes to mind is that idea that in actual fact all he’s interested in doing is selling photos of her because, indeed, that’s how they met and that he’s talking about how normal she is to maintain the connection for longer. In essence, to get more money for his exclusive take on her. No rational person would look at Britney “I menstruate in full public view” Spears and see her as a rational, viable partner unless there were other factors at play. [source]

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Agent Orange said...

Stockholm Syndrome is mostly modern shock. Love your blog.