Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Perez reports that Avril Lavigne has just filed an application with the US Patent office to trademark her name in relation to a whole range of beauty products and that means that very soon the legions of fans she has will be able to buy all sorts of fragranced products with her visage and character branded all over them.

Much like I was yesterday with news of the pending release of Kathy Hilton’s new fragrance, I’m practically hemorrhaging in anticipation for this one. If there’s one person I’ve wanted to be able to culturally align myself with in inane ways such as cosmetics it’s Avril Lavigne. I mean, there’s so much substance there. Buying Lavigne’s fragrance be a totally new and extraordinarily sincere emotional experience. Just like buying her music always is – and I mean that without exception.
What interests me beyond the entirely enchanting possibility of finding new ways to pay Avril LAvigne money for her contributions to culture is the fact that she’s trademarked her name in relation to Fragrances and perfumery; after shave; pre-shave; bath oil; bath soap; shower gel; body shampoo; deodorant for personal use; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; bath crystals; bath milks; dusting powder; body lotion; body splash; body cream; hand lotion; and talc.
Yes, after shave and pre-shave. That’s for her boy fans. Her boy fans who never get beat up at school for sucking ass. [source]

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