Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lindsay Lohan may well be off the booze but she’s totally replacing one addiction with another if the New York Post is to be believed. Which it is. Always. They’re suggesting that while Lohan wasn’t seen drinking and vacuuming up coke with her head she WAS seen making out with three different Italian men over New Years. As we know, she was in Capri, Italy to receive an award for her contribution to cinema incidentally, during the same week she was voted worst actress of 2007. See how it all fits together? I certainly do. This is the linearity of western culture.

At the end of the day, we learn nothing new though. It's really just a hammering in of the same old thing which is that regardless of whether she’s the best actress or worst actress – Lohan has a gaping hole in her soul the size of the Grand Canyon and it’s got to be filled with something. Anything. Anything at all. Like even that pile of dirt and old chair parts might work. [source]

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