Thursday, January 17, 2008

More of the same old crap from Britney Spears again. Ok, seriously though – I read the headlines on TMZ and could get the gist. The rest is filler. This filler:

Britney has long, dark, matted hair that may not actually be hers, she’s wandering around in a slip dress with cowboy boots and over sized dark sunglasses, she’s guzzling frapuccinos from Starbucks hourly, she appears unaware that she has two children, she’s essentially dating her captor by hanging out with Adnan Ghalib and she’s got a mild penchant for public nudity. Plus, she has dreadful skin – probably from eating all that fast food shit she relentlessly shovels into her head and there’s no way we can be sure she actually washes regularly.

Ok, that’s out of the way. Now, the fragments of today’s coverage that are mildly interesting include the fact that she’s now certifiably switching between a Southern drawl and a bizarre cockney accent as she wanders about the strip malls of Southern California and that’s intriguing because the unraveling is really in full swing now. Still, it sort of happened to Madonna too but at least she has a publicist who keeps her freakishness a secret – well, more or less.

So, this basically means Britney’s got an Englishwoman stuck inside her mind and I find that calming.

Secondly, she was seen buying a pregnancy test yesterday which prompted a whole lot of shrieking from the media and today she’s claimed that she was buying it for a friend. Right. Total crap. She has no friends. Lies. Unless the camera lens is pregnant. Because she loves the camera lens and it loves her back. [source] [source]

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