Monday, January 07, 2008

The New York Post reports that Nicole Kidman has just pulled out of filming Stephen Daldry's post-World War II Germany drama "The Reader," which she was supposed to start shooting this month. Her rep has denied that it’s because she’s pregnant but gossip journalists aren’t buying it.

They report that a journalist for the Daily Telegraph in Sydney flat out asked her if she was pregnant and she refused to answer.

First up, any celebrity who refuses to answer a question like that is basically just confirming the rumour. If it’s not true, just say it’s not true. I totally don’t understand why they think dealing with a question like that is effective. People like Kevin Spacey have avoided questions in that manner for years regarding his sexuality and it’s completely meaningless.

It is completely unviable that people like Nicole Kidman and Kevin Spacey are single handedly championing the cause of more edifying editorial by refusing to engage in dialogue about their personal lives. They’re completely narcissistic attention whores – half their appeal IS their freaking personal lives.

Hello “contracted marriage to Tom Cruise for Hollywood clout” . What the hell else was that about? Love? Give me a fucking break.

Although, the thing about women is that maybe if they’re pregnant they become less marketable so Kidman’s trying to draw it out as long ass possible. Mind you, aren’t pregnant women meant to be hotter to straight men? What do I know or care really but isn’t that the case? And furthermore, if she was trying to elongate her sexual attractiveness to audiences wouldn’t she stop anxiously stapling up and paralyzing her face and looking like a Hollywood answer to the Ice Queen from the Chronicles of Narnia?

I don’t even hate Nicole Kidman, it just astounds me when celebs do this “no answer “ thing. Just learn how to lie and smile. Lie and smile. As if she doesn’t know how to do that. I mean, she was part of Cruise Corp. for how the fuck long? Lie and smile. [source]

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