Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A Brooklyn mother was about to make a salad when she found a tiny frog in her lettuce. She freaked out a bit but then just got over it and gave it to her daughter who fed it flies and lettuce. Then they gave the frog to an amphibian and reptile care center. Well, shit, I’m just astonished at that. I mean, can you imagine? A frog in lettuce. A small god damned frog in lettuce. I mean, I’m not sure I can go on with this new information about the world. [source]

Vicki Armstrong spent almost 19 years saving pennies so she could save $550, which isn't much of an accomplishment — except that she did it one penny at a time. "She would see a penny in the road and just stop," her husband said. "I would to have to do circles just to let her catch up." What a lucky man I imagine her husband is and no doubt, what a fascinating and lively woman Ms. Armstrong would be too. I mean, she’d clearly be the life of a party with her relentlessly fascinating and vibrant tales of penny finding and storing. I am going to track her down now and invite her to an all expenses paid weekend in New York. I just have a feeling we’d get along. I wonder what she will DO with that $550. Put some of it in a pillow case in order to beat her own face until the control freak in her is unconscious I would suggest. Obviously, no one has asked. [source]

China has halved the number of bicycles stolen to about 2 million in the past nine months, police said on Thursday, following a campaign to clamp down on theft months before its capital hosts the Olympics and it’s nice to see some of the rules they’ve set up based on frantic mindless whims actually paying off. I’d be interested to find out how the anti-swearing rules are working out. Still, it’s good that bikes are not being stolen. With an international sports contest arriving in less than a year it’s good that the bikes will still be there. Of course, so will the mystery meat but that’s another story. [source]

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mradd said...

Hey Matt!
Thank your for your funny stuff, gave me a happy chuckle this morning. Especially the penny lady story. you certainly ARE Australian... Love how your site seems to confuse the google ads!teehee...

Keep it up!