Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The New York Post reports that while Diane Sawyer’s Good Morning America interview with Katie Holmes was riddled with softball questions and didn’t even mention the new Andrew Morton book that puts forward the admittedly inane theory that Cruise and Holmes’ child, Suri Cruise is the product of sperm from cult leader L Ron Hubbard, Good Morning America is saying that problems with the interview actually stemmed from bad decisions made by the producer.

"It was one of those bad calls on my part," GMA’s Executive Producer Jim Murphy said. "Diane doesn't generally get angry, but was she disappointed in how I handled it, yes."

Here’s the interview:

So, what that is meant to imply is that the interview’s lack of substance was apparently not the result of Diane Sawyer avoiding tricky topics because a sweating, tooth bearing, freaked out Tom Cruise was standing just off camera the whole time holding a rifle to her head.
The thing is, while you’d think that if you were to interview Katie Holmes on TV, all the parties involved would just know it is business and they’d have their questions and answers ready – just as Oprah did when she filleted James Frey on her show – when you look at a film like this one:

It becomes really clear the kind of freakishly focused, insanely controlling and delusional nutcase Tom Cruise really is. Fair enough, the film was edited for maximum freak impact and they keep playing that Mission Impossible theme in the background in much the same way Noriega was pummeled with relentless off station rock music while he was held in prison, lines like:

“We are the authorities on getting people off drugs, we are the authorities on the mind, we are the authorities on improving conditions... we can rehabilitate criminals.”

Prove why Katie always looks tired and why Diane Sawyer didn’t mention the Morton book and her producer took the fall so her reputation wasn’t tarnished. Jesus, would someone just slap Tom Cruise? Repeatedly and now. NOW. Someone hire a relentless slapper for Cruise. [source]

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