Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Page Six reports that Jamie Lynn Spears is a big fan of the soundtrack to the film Juno, the story of a teenaged girl who became pregnant. They explain that they got the news from “a source” and then point out that it could be because there’s a synchronicity between the plot of the film and the real life of JLS because JLS is 16 and pregnant. In case you forgot. JLS’ rep denied that she likes the soundtrack. Ok, wow, who do we believe? I'm pulling an all-nighter.

What the hell is this freaking story? This is one of the most inane space filler stories I’ve seen in weeks. I mean, my GOD. And yet, here I am anyway though so, I guess I take responsibility for my own eye rolling.

This is just like one of those really unfunny, low budget TV sketch shows or it’s like the kind of humor you get on commercial breakfast radio where the host plays the role of outrageous mad hatter but all their jokes are so completely considered, calculated and obvious almost to the point of internal numbness.

Wow, Jamie Lynn Spears is denying she’s currently listening to the soundtrack to Juno. I thought that bringing up Debra Opri yesterday was bad enough. Clearly, I over estimated basically everything. [source]

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