Thursday, January 10, 2008

Canadian blog, thisishappening, is reporting that the chronically insufferable “anti-Spears” that is Avril Lavigne is 6 weeks pregnant at the same time she reached a settlement with the lawsuit filed by Seventies group the Rubinoos, which alleged Lavigne plagarized last year’s “Girlfriend” from their 1979 song “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.” Gee, could pregnancy be a distraction from the fact that she's a fraud? I mean, she's always BEEN a fraud but here it's been proven.

Lavigne has been pretty much incommunicado since sincere mental anguish and edginess started seeping out of her rival, Britney Spears and without anything sincere in her except for a collection of My Little Pony dolls that she’s drawn all over to piss off her mother who spent good money on them, Lavigne doesn’t do well. While Britney was clean and neat Lavigne would mouth the hell off about beating up guys in the street but she really can’t compete with anything real.

That’s why this is interesting. She is going to have a kid apparently, and so she’ll get attention all through the pregnancy to see if she’s mistreating it while it’s in utero – I mean, thisishappening immediately wondered out loud why she was seen drinking on New Years’ Eve if she knew she was pregnant.

If she comes across as a better, healthier mother than Spears then she’ll look more together than Spears and he image will be ruined. I mean, even more than it already is because she’s a complete fraud. If she doesn’t come across as healthier she will just get smacked down because she’s so fake and self indulgent. Either way, she’s screwed. Thank God. Maybe she’ll go away and become the dumb assed immature suburban housewife she was always meant to be. [source] [source]

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