Monday, January 07, 2008

And just when it was almost conceivable that he was dead, at least culturally, Chris Crocker manages to chime in with his two cents on Britney Spears. Page quoted the attention whore bitchkid as saying:

"I retract my statement," Chris tells exclusively. "Britney needs to not be left alone right now. I think if everyone left her alone, she could do some major damage to herself."

And he’s chimed in right in time to premiere his new video on youtube which for some god damned reason I can't embed so go here to see it.

I think we’ll all agree that this mimed cover of Britney's song, "Piece of Me", lacks the passion and focus of his previous mascara based work but it retains his focus on mindless exhibitionism, borderline teenaged transvestism and, most importantly, hair. I wonder if Chris Crocker would actually cease to exist if he had no hair. Like Samson from the Bible. Yes, Chris Crocker could easily be a modern day Samson. If only there were a Delilah up to the job of shearing him. [source]

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