Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The New York Post’s self congratulatory fluff project that focuses on how they put Jessica Simpson lookalike actress, Lynsey Nordstrom in the crowd at a recent Dallas Cowboys game and the Dallas Cowboys lost the game to the Giants continues today as they’ve brought the actress they hired to New York City and now they’re flaunting her in the street.

"She's the one from the New York Post!" exclaimed passer-by Rich Elston, 68, of Queens. "She's a dead ringer!"

Which is really just the Post's way of hammering home that people actually do read it. I wonder if Rich Elston actually exists. I remember when the whole Pale Male scandal was going on and they conveniently found an elderly man from Queens (they’re always from Queens even though the Bronx is the poorest borough) who apparently travelled an hour a day every day of the week, just to feed or watch or, I don’t know, pray to Pale Male in Manhattan.

Was the point to scientifically prove that Tony Romo should never date anyone or was it to prove that the mere presence of the concept of Jessica Simpson is intrinsically connected to failure? Actually, the more I think about this, the more I realize it’s essentially genius. I mean, the entire thing is inane but they’ve managed to spin it out into this ludicrous gesture that potentially boosts their circulation. Of course, no other media outlet would write about this except for bloggers etc and we all know that as long as your average working class male is busy living vicariously through professional sport to the point where it’s a religion of sorts then there is less crime and violence.

This is still one of the most inane things I’ve seen in a while. I mean, Jessica Simpson isn’t even pregnant. [source]

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