Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

The Seoul subway authority will install toilets in drivers' compartments after one of its engineers plunged to his death, apparently relieving himself from a train that was in motion. Apparently the man who died had chronic diarrhea and panicked so he leaned out a window and fell. It was a fecal induced death. Those are the worst kind. This is what it takes to get things to happen when it comes to public transport. Years ago in Sydney there was this girl who didn’t get out of a bus properly and she was dragged along the ground and killed and from then on all trains (?!) had to announce “Stand clear, doors closing” as a security measure. Or, rather, a legal one. "A major concern is the smell," said Kim Kyung-mo, a spokesperson from the subway. It sure is. That and more fecal induced death. [source]

A motion was filed in the British House of Commons yesterday calling for the deconstruction of the link between government and the church in England and it was coincidentally numbered 666, the number of the Devil. Naturally people are freaking out. Well, if it happened in America people would be freaking out and holding national internet prayer meetings but in England the phrase used to describe the overall reaction was “Eyebrows were raised” – which in England means crippling panic. Still, with this kind of random thing attached to it, the motion probably got more attention that it ever would. [source]

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