Thursday, January 03, 2008

According to MSNBC, Tom Cruise likes throwing money around like it’s confetti at a wedding and he gives stacks of hundred dollar bills to his security people so they can tip people who do things for Cruise and his business associate family members like open doors. Plus, he apparently spends a million bucks a year on gas.

Apparently, Cruise is “really into money”. That’s what the unnamed source says.

It’s nice to see Tom Cruise wholeheartedly being into SOMETHING he’s actually involved with. His manic weirdness seems to overshadow every element of his actual acting – which is often quite good but that’s not an option. Most of the time his wife and family seem like they’re either numb or over-faking it – or both frankly so to have news that Cruise likes to throw money around and then actually does, openly fills me with relief. Not everything is a lie when it comes to Tom Cruise!

Still, it seems like the transaction is still one steeped in over-compensation. It’s as though, in his mind, if he pays off every single person he comes in contact with, he’ll halt the likelihood of people talking about just how fake everything around him really is.

Because he’s a megalomaniac control freak weirdo. I think it would be interesting to see him burst into tears in real life. I wouldn’t be entertained by it, I mean, it’s not like I want to see him in pain. I just think it would be fascinating to see him emotionally break open. [source]

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