Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Takahiro Fujinuma -- who is 37, single and unemployed in Japan has been arrested for allegedly calling directory assistance thousands of times because he liked to be scolded by female operators, police and reports said Wednesday. "I would go into ecstasy when a lady scolded me," he said, as quoted by Jiji Press and you know, people do this kind of shit way more often than anyone would like to believe. Why sometimes, when I’m in a bad mood, I’ll actually just call the internet company and ask them why they never send me bills, only shut off notices. There’s nothing I can do about the fact that they keep failing to send bills – I’ve tried for like 2 years. It’s just that sometimes, in a secretive way, I find it kind of cathartic to call up some ludicrous call center worker and argue that they’re bad at their job. Truthfully, I haven’t done that in a while. Not since I found god. [source]

There’s a shop in Ghana, Africa where you can buy a custom made coffins and if I know people, and I sort of do, that means that all sorts of whacky customers are buying up coffins in the shape of all sort of whacked out shapes – like a coke bottle or a cucumber. I really think this kind of thing is symptomatic of people who don’t do anything outside the norm ever, who completely tow the line all their lives and then in one freaky area they let it all out. In this case, it’s what they’re buried in. But, still, what could be more enchanting and dignified than being buried in a coffin shaped like a can of Coke. My friend Magdalena is a queen in Ghana and she is helping this village start an industry based around paper made from pineapple. From that, I would suggest that Ghana’s industries are among the most cartoon like and enchanting in the world. Who would have thought? Little Ghana. [source]

A university student from Jingzhou in the central province of Hubei wanted to get back to his home city of Wuhan, 200 km (124 miles) to the east and yet, there was snow everywhere and no buses. So, he decided to ski home. He decided to ski 124 miles on flat land. Ok, maybe it wasn’t flat, maybe it was a little up and a little down. Either way, how much easier is skiing in this instance than regular old reliable walking? Probably not a lot! Anyway, so the ever vigilant Chinese police saw him, picked him up and took him to a bus station. Gee, great help there – the buses were out – even I know that and I’m not even there. I’m here. God, Chinese police are so controlling. Anyway, so, no one knows the following: whether he got home, apparently what his name is – that wasn’t something the report included – or, in fact, why this story even constitutes news. I think anything about Chinese authorities acting out and exercising power is a news story right now no matter what. It’s because China is out of its mind preparing for the Olympics. [source]

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