Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriend, Riley Giles sold sordid details of his sexual relationship with Lindsay Lohan to the News of the World in the UK for 120,000 dollars after the couple broke up, US Weekly Magazine reports.

As a result, Dina Lohan decided to call the mother of Riley Giles and chew her out for her bad parenting. She immediately alerted the press AND in doing so, reminds us, the viewers, that she's the mother of Lindsay Lohan. Just in case we forgot.

It’s been a while since Dina Lohan has shrieked in public so we were, admittedly, due for something eventually and it’s calmly reassuring that what she chose to do was entirely in line with her time tested schtick. She simply calls people out on their shortcomings only when those shortcomings are exactly the same types of shortcomings she herself has so she looks like a shrill, hypocritical idiot.
It makes her seem like a rancid Spencer Pratt type character and therefore everyone lashes out at her but she still stays famous and therefore feels ok. The chasm she seems to have in her soul, the very same that her daughter has, is filled when she does something stupid and then calls the media to let them know. [source]

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