Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Page Six reports that Amy Fisher, the Long Island Lolita who is currently hammering out promotion of her gracious and elegant cultural artifact, a sex tape involving her and husband Lou Ballera, has angered the ex-wife of her old lover, Joey Buttafuco.

"I was a little surprised at her flippant attitude," said Mary Jo Buttafuco.

I’m not entirely sure WHY Mary Jo is surprised. This is classic American culture at its most raw. Underaged girl tries to kill the wife of her lover, she goes to jail and when she gets out she uses what little notoriety she has to promote a career in the media and supplements it with a video tape of her having sex with her husband. It’s classic, mindless capitalist self promotion.

I actually just love all their names: Joey Buttafuco, Mary Jo Buttafuco, Louis Ballera (Amy Fisher’s ex-husband). You just can’t say any of them in your own head without slipping into a Tony Soprano accent and I find that enchanting. Plus, the murder attempt on Mary Jo Buttafuco happened in Massapequa, NY and I’ve been there. It’s pure suburban horror. Oh great, now I've got that song by Journey in my head. [source]

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